Small office spaces available Tunbridge Wells

Some of you will have heard about “The Old Bakery”, either because you’re a Maslins/MVL Online client or you’ve read tweets/similar about it.  It’s a two storey building, we occupy the first floor, but the ground floor is up for grabs.

Floor plan
Floor plan

It’s currently split into 4 main areas (all measurements approx):

– big lockable room 7.5m x 3.5m
– small lockable room 3.5m x 3.5m
– open area 10.5m x 4.75m
– kitchenette/bathroom area (toilet and shower)
Approximate floor layout to the right.

Location – it’s just off Camden Road, so fairly central (you can be in the RVP in a 2-3 minute walk).

As it’s set back a bit from the main road, it’s quiet, and reasonably well hidden.  This admittedly isn’t great if you’re hoping to pick up passing trade, but is great for those who want to be fairly central but remain reasonably anonymous.

Main space 

Parking – Sadly it doesn’t come with parking, but for drivers there are affordable pay and displays nearby.

Condition – it’s newly refurbished.  Good insulation, brand new central heating and electrics, LED lighting.  We’ve left the “character” floor, which admittedly can have a marmite effect on people.  There are high ceilings and a pretty good amount of natural light.  Shared cable broadband is included, though you can set up your own independent line if you require lots of bandwidth.  There are a handful of wired network points, but it’s anticipated most people will rely on wireless.  Similarly no phone line provided, as anticipated most will rely on mobile and/or VOIP (you might want a dedicated line for this).

Access – you will be able to access the building and your section 24/7…hopefully nobody was thinking this, but in case you were, do be aware it is in a residential area, so late night loud parties are not an option(!)

Prices – these are still tbc, but current plans for prices inclusive of most bills, but possibly not rates (don’t ask…well, do if you like) are:
– big lockable room £500/month
– small lockable room £300/month
– desk in shared space £150/month (anticipating perhaps 6 spots, in no way crammed in)
If comparing to more formal serviced offices, please do look at what they charge extra for.
If someone wishes to sublet the whole place on a fairly long contract, probably looking at £1,000/month.

Lease terms – negotiable.  We anticipate minimal commitment from either side, though if you wish to have a longer term lease, a small discount may be negotiated.  The place is in fairly good condition, and we’d expect you to leave it broadly as you found it.

Furniture – negotiable.  We can probably provide basic office desk/chair if required.  We appreciate those in the open area may also wish to have a lockable chest of drawers/similar for any valuables.

Timing – it’s pretty much ready to go, just the flooring needs a little bit more elbow grease from me.  Having tenants lined up will likely speed me up on this.

If the above’s of interest, please email with any queries.

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